Rany Battikh

GBA Consolizer update and redesign (October 2019)

For all who have been waiting for their GBA Consolizer to ship, Jason from Game-Tech US recently posted an update video showing off his progress with current orders as well as a detailed overview of the brand new redesign of the assembled case.

Having received mixed reviews about the initial design of the standalone GBA Consolizer case, Woozle (the project’s main developer) and Jason opted for cutting-edge cosmetic and technical improvements so modders will have a way less cumbersome experience during installation; consumers will also profit. The changes come as follows:

  • the power switch toggle has been replaced with a 3d printed cap and a push button assembly
  • added an LED power indicator
  • converted the case into one-piece design
  • the top plexi-glass is now held in with magnets
  • added a new custom ffc ribbon cable for converting 32-pin systems into the required 40-pin configuration
  • a “speedrunner” firmware can be jtaged into the Consolizer in order to match the GBA’s original clockspeed

Although many gamers including myself are more than satisfied with the highly customizable Game Boy Interface (GBi) for the Gamecube, a digital-to-digital standalone solution like the GBA Consolizer serves as a fantastic GB/GBC/GBA all-in-one console in any modern setup.

Check out the different versions of the GBA Consolizer available now at Game-Tech’s shop: https://www.game-tech.us/shop/