Dinoforce HuCard Pre-Order

PCEWORKS has launched pre-orders for physical copies of an unreleased PCE shoot’em-up game called Dinoforce.  This is the first time the game is seen publicly, other then when it was teased in Japanese magazines 30 years ago.  The game itself was provided by original game designer Tokuhisa Tajima and collector Alex Seimando. Thanks to Marc Van Woerkom and Chris Covell, many of the glitches were fixed and balancing adjusted.  All the physical releases are planned to ship between late 2022 and early 2023 and the ROM will be available for free on November 25th.  More info below the links…

Purchase contact form:

Ordering is a little different than elsewhere, as you will need to either send them an email to with which physical release(s) you want or choose from a contact form on their purchase page linked above. In both cases, you need to choose between PayPal or wire transfer.

The physical game is available in several options:

  1. Regular HuCard available in 3 variants: PC Engine Blue, PC Engine Amber and TURBOGRAFX-16 US version. These are new injection molded HuCards and comes with a new injection molded HuCard case as well. You can get each for 89€.
  2. Miyoo Mini handheld with Dinoforce preloaded for 139€.
  3. PWD-703 Plus EPROM board (a repro of the development boards NEC handed out 30 years ago). It comes preloaded with Dinoforce EPROM but it also supports 1, 2 and 4 MBIT EPROM for 199€.
  4. Anniversary Edition includes slipcase and rolled poster by Jose Salot, Dinoforce HuCard, Full metal anniversary bronze-colored HuCard, framed multi-layer acrylic diorama, reprint of PC Enginge GEKKAN Dinoforce previews, 2pc of PC Enging Mini HuCard dummies, Art prints, 160 pages of PC Engine ads, dustcover with art by Jose Salot and 7″ vinyl record with excerpts from the soundtrack. This is the only way to get the vinyl record for 289€.

Full metal HuCards are also available separately but only in gold-colored variant. It’s available for 29€ as an add-on to some of the previous options or for 39€ on its own.

In the same manner, you can also get the set of 2 XXL posters by Jose Salot. It’s available for 49€ as an add-on to some of the previous options or for 64€ on its own.