Capitán Sevilla 3D Virtual Boy Final Demo Released

Team VUEngine has just released a demo ROM of a new side-scrolling adventure game for the Virtual Boy, called Capitán Sevilla 3D.  It’s confirmed working on real hardware via the HyperFlash32 and they have an eInk label created for it.  Unfortunately, this demo is most likely the final revision you’ll see from Team VUEngine, however they’ve open-sourced the project under the MIT license for anyone else who wants to pick it up and continue the work:

Download / support the team:
More info / Try it in a web browser:
Source Code:

This game was first seen on the Virtual Boy in 2010 via the Planet Virtual Boy coding contest, under the name Capitán Sevilla II.  At the time, it was a 2D game that was a “tribute and sequel” to the 1998 Amstrad CPC, MSX, ZX Spectrum game Capitán Sevilla.  The team has updated the sources to compile in the latest VUEngine, as well as added new sprites, updated game mechanics and newly remastered backgrounds to make this a true 3D Virtual Boy Experience.

There is also support for Kevin Mellott’s upcoming VB rumble pack in this demo!  While that hardware has not yet been released, retail games may be able to be patched to support it and the code will be available for anyone in the homebrew scene who’d like to add support to their game.  I’ll definitely post more info when it’s nearing release.

Also, if you’d like more info on running Virtual Boy homebrew, please check out my video on the HyperFlash32:

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