BigPEmu Debugger & Noesis Demo

Rich Whitehouse recently released a video walking you through how to use his new debugger for his Atari Jaguar emulator.  This works in tandem with his Noesis tool, that allows you to preview and convert between hundreds of model, image, and animation formats.  In short, if you’re interested in developing for the Atari Jaguar, these are tools you must check out!  At the moment, the download is for Patreon supporters only. More info below:

Support Rich / Download Beta:
Download BigPEmu:

Even as a non-programmer, this looks a pretty big deal – A much easier way to create and debug software for the Jaguar platform.  While this won’t immediately result in a ton of new homebrew, it certainly is paving the road for it!

Also, Rich always makes these tools available to the public shortly after the Patreon-only release.  This is absolutely not a “lock tools behind a paywall” scenario – Think of this as both a way for people to beta test before public release, as well as a ‘thank you’ to all the awesome people who support.  And please don’t forget that if we want more tools like this to exist, we need to support…

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