Axiom Verge 2 Officially Announced

Axiom Verge was originally released on the PlayStation 4 in 2015 by developer Thomas Happ;  A person who made both the game and the haunting soundtrack that’s become instantly recognizable by gamers.  Immediately after release, reviews seemed to universally agreed that Axiom Verge held up against the classic Metroidvania games it pays homage to.

I personally bought Axiom Verge on the Wii U and then again a second time on the Switch.  Both playthroughs were equally as enjoyable and while the game took a short while to get used to, the difficulty level always felt “just right”:  Hard enough to be challenging, without getting so frustrating that it’s no longer rewarding.  My personal opinion, is that the game “felt” better on the Switch, since I used the SNES-style 8Bitdo bluetooth controller (link below), as opposed to the Wii U’s large tablet controller.

The sequel looks to be a continuation of the original game and will hopefully bring back the exploration, weapons, boss battles and music we loved the first time around.

Pre-orders are not open yet, but they’re aiming for a Fall 2020 release date.  More info is available here:

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