3-Player Final Fight Released

As previously reported, a team of people have just released an “Anniversary Edition” of the arcade game Final Fight.  This version ads an entirely new gameplay mechanic, with features that include:

  • Three Players
  • Selectable Palettes
  • Unlocked Character Selection
  • More Health for Enemies/Bosses with three players
  • Uncensored Intro / No Region Warning

Patched versions of this game can be played via MAME, or you can even flash the ROMs on original arcade hardware for it to work.  Also, it should be fully compatible with Darksoft’s upcoming CPS1 Multi kit, making it much easier for people to experience on real hardware!

Here’s links to everything you need:

Github link to files:
Forum Thread:

…as a side note, I (Bob) hadn’t written about this on it’s official launch date of December 1st, as a siliconera post listed it’s release date as today, December 12th.  Imagine my embarrassment when I checked to see if the files had gone live, just to realize they’d been live for almost two weeks ;/

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