Avermedia Live Gamer 2.1 – For 120/144Hz Passthrough

EposVox has just reviewed the Live Gamer 2.1 and it’s…odd.  While this is speculation, it appears to simply be their Live Gamer Ultra 2.1, but in PCIe form.  That confines it to the same USB limitations, which means 4K60 at 4:4:4 isn’t possible, even though it is with their much cheaper priced (currently $180) Live Gamer 4K.  It’s the same exact price as the USB 3.2 model, so the only reason someone would want this, is if they needed 4K120 + VRR passthrough (not capture) and they don’t have USB 3.2 ports on their PC.  Check out The Stream Professor’s review of both above and below in this post and I’d also repeat his advice:  Unless you’re in a rush to get a card right now, just wait a few more weeks to see what Elgato releases and see if it’s better.  Or, just get the previous generation…

Live Gamer 2.1:
Live Gamer USB 3.2:
Live Gamer 4K:

While I’m thoroughly unimpressed with the internal PCIe version, the USB version (reviewed below) seems like a better choice than the Live Gamer Bolt.  I reviewed that capture card and while I liked it, this new USB version is cheaper and offers more features.  The only reason to get the bolt would be you have a PC without faster USB ports, or an Intel Mac.

I’m so confused as to why Avermedia would put the same USB capture in a PCIe device though.  Overall, how much money could that have actually saved???  Let’s hope Elgato steps up and releases something good.

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