Analogue Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak

I just released the Analogue Nt Mini Noir Jailbreak. For all the juicy details and instructions, see my new video. There is way too much to list here, but in short there are several new and improved cores, a complete overhaul of the NES JB core, and most importantly, the return of CopyNES, the cartridge ROM dumper with save support that allows you to dump cartridges to ROMs on the SD card for preservation and convenience.

Everyone should use CopyNES to dump every single NES cart that you have access to, to check if they are rare unknown ROM revisions. The Super Nt Jailbreak’s CopySNES feature works so well that dumps are often 1:1 bit-matches to known-good ROMs from No-Intro. The feature lead to new SNES ROMs showing up at a pace not seen since the ’90s, and you can backup saves before a cart’s save battery dies. You’re lucky if they’ve lasted this long. Playing games from the SD card is more convenient and eliminates wear to cartridges and the Noir’s cart slot.


Available for Amazon Prime