3D Printed Design Files

This page will host other people’s 3D print designs and will serve both as an alternative to the public hosting sites like thingiverse, as well as a place to check out some of the best 3D prints available for the retro-gaming community!

As an FYI, all of Greg’s designs can be purchased from his web store here:  https://laserbear.net/

For now, this “landing” page will be crude and basic, but I’ll soon update it to be easier to follow and easier on the eyes!

3D Print Designs:

Game Cube:

GCPlug v2.0 Case (collinall version)

GCPlug v2.0 Case (Ben’s Version)

Game Cube Fan Replacement

GC Loader Clean Install


Nintendo 64

UltraHDMI No-Cut Mod

N64 “Universal” Cartridge Tray



Top-loading Rear Port with MiniDIN

Top-Loading SNES Multi-Out Replacement Panel

Height-Def NES No Cut Mod



Updated Dreamcast 3D Printed Noctua Fan Mod




Sega 32x – Genesis 2 Adapter

Sega 32x – Genesis 3 Adapter

Sega 32x – CDx Adapter

Nomad Replacement LCD Mount


SuperG Switches

gcompsw 8×2

gscart & gcompsw bumper cases


SCART Coupler

Buy pre-made or make your own.



XStation SD extension & Tray



RetroTINK2x 3D Printed Case

Game Stack Display Unit

gcompsw 8×2

Neo Geo Pocket Color Backlit Screen Retaining Clip / Cover