Sega 32x Riser for Genesis Model 2

I was asked to create a printable riser for the Genesis Model 2, the originals are getting expensive and hard to find.

I set out to port the risers to as may Genesis systems as possible, releasing the Model 3 riser first. The Genesis Model 2 riser proved to be more difficult to model and required much more time to come up with.

This riser is not an exact recreation of the original part; the original part would be far too difficult to print on consumer grade printers, this required me to make some changes that would make the part easy to print and bring it in reach of more people.

It is printed in two pieces and can be assembled with screws, or just rely on the friction fit from the 32x when installed in the system.


I am selling them on Laserbear:

Here’s the files if you’d like to print them yourself: