GDEMU Remote SD Card Mount

There have been some GDEMU remote SD card mount solutions in the past, but I was not really thrilled with they way they functioned. Most if not all of these solutions require the user to modify their console shells in some form or other. When I was asked to make something similar I went into the design with the idea that I wanted to turn the GDEMU into a single module that installed similarly to the original drive.

Design files can be downloaded here:
As an FYI, all of Greg’s designs can be purchased from his web store here:

My remote SD mount consists of three pieces.

  • GDEMU SD Mount 1.2.stl
  • GDEMU SD Mount Bracket 1.2.stl
  • GDEMU SD Mount Button 1.2.stl

In addition to the printed parts you will need some additional parts.

Everything should print without supports.

  • Assembly is simple, uses two M3x8mm thread forming screws to attach the GDEMU board to the SD mount bracket.
  • Screw the SD extension into the SD Mount.
  • Plug the SD Extension into the GDEMU.
  • Place the Button into the SD mount, and attach the bracket to the SD mount. Use 4 M3x8mm screws to attach the parts together,\
  • Install the GDEMU just like the original drive, use an original drive screw to attach the back mounting hole, and use one of the M3x16mm screws to attach the front screw through the GDEMU board into the Dreamcast.

Thank you to Marcus9199 and bpv6ja for testing the design and providing images of their finished products.