RetroTINK2x 3D Printed Case

The RetroTINK 2x is an amazing budget scaler that makes game look beautiful on modern televisions, but its barebone look doesn’t appeal to everyone. I had been ask on several occasions to make a custom case for the RetroTINK 2x, after finally getting a unit of my own I had the opportunity to do just that:
As an FYI, all of Greg’s designs can be purchased from his web store here:

The RetroTINK 2x Case consists of a few 3d Printed parts.

  • RetroTINK Bottom V1.4.stl
  • RetroTINK Top V1.4.stl
  • RetroTINK Buttom.stl (print two of these)

You will also need some extra items to complete the setup.

The only part that might be a little bit difficult is installing the light pipes, I used a pair of pliers and pushed the filament through the led holes and used flush cutters to get it to set flat with the rest of the case. Then I used a hot air rework gun to get the clear filament to be clear on the ends that were cut.

The case will assemble with the original 3mm nuts from the RetroTINK plexy case and the 3mm screws you obtained. The RetroTINK board will just go inside before you screw it all together.


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