XboxHD+ Firmware v2.1

MakeMHz has just released a massive firmware update for the XboxHD+ internal HDMI kit for the original Xbox.  There’s new features, buxfixes, tweaks and tons more!  I strongly recommend checking out the release link below for details, but I also provided a summary below.  To get this new firmware, either connect your console to a network and download it, manually add the update app via FTP and run it there.

More Info:
MakeMHz XboxHD+:
OpenXenium ModChip:
Kit + Installation Service:

Here’s a summary of the changes in this firmware, with my original review below:

  • True Multi-Region Support – Over 80 non-NTSC exclusive titles for the Xbox are now 100% compatible with the XboxHD+
  • 128MB RAM Support – This will allow support for any homebrew that can take advantage of the 128MB ROM mod.
  • Native XeniumOS (OpenXenium) Support – This includes full support for 480p
  • XboxHD+ App UI Rewrite – An easy GUI to select resolution and aspect ratio, as well as audio settings
  • Auto Video Blanking – This will automatically blank video output during resolution changes, to prevent glitches on-screen.
  • Aspect Ratio Fixes and Correction Options – This will help ensure the true AR is being displayed
  • Kung Fu Chaos – Force 480p – This is one of the few games that only supports 480i, but it can now be forced to 480p
  • Additional Changes and Fixes

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