Rany Battikh

Xbox2Wii Component PRO Pre-Order

Announced just a few weeks ago, the new and updated Xbox2Wii Component PRO adapter by Consoles4You has just been listed for pre-order over at classicgamestore.ch

Consoles4you decided to drop the final pre-order price of their product to $27 (less than the initial estimated price of $37) for a limited time-frame.

Once the pre-order window closes, the fixed price will be set at $33.

Here’s a quick recapitulation of the Xbox2Wii Component PRO new features:

  • The addition of a Toslink port allowing for pure digital audio output.
  • The ability to output both analog stereo and digital audio simultaneously.
  • Pin 4 on the Wii port is connected to 5V so it can power external devices like the Wii2HDMI.

So for those who have been holding off on their purchase, now is the time to jump in and grab one of those adapters for a reasonable price. Add a HD-Retrovision Wii component cable, a Toslink cable, a DAC (if needed) and enjoy an optimized OG Xbox experience.

Pre-Order the Xbox2Wii Component PRO here: https://classicgamestore.ch/xbox2wii-component-pro


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