MiSTer FPGA News – Neo Geo Pocket, Smash TV/Total Carnage Playable, Overclocked N64 & More

Groovy MiSTer

If you have a PC that you use for emulation, there is a project that let’s you use the MiSTer FPGA as a GPU that can output to a CRT.

The project is called Groovy_MiSTer and it works by installing a core that turns your MiSTer into a GPU that can be accessed over the network. For the PC, you will need specific builds of some emulators to access the MiSTer FPGA. Currently there are builds of GroovyMAME, Mednafen and RetroArch. Keep in mind that the Dreamcast core for RetroArch is not currently working with this.


Screen Flipping for Cores

Shane Lynch noticed that the Joust 2 MiSTer core cannot flip the screen. He also asked if other cores do not have the screen flip option. If you know of a core that you feel needs this option, you can post on respond to the twitter post.


Remote Mobile App

wizzo announced that the iOS Remote app for MiSTer is now fully working. It’s undergoing testing and then needs to go through the App Store approval process.



Anton Gale has made a lot of progress on the Exidy core and states that TARG and Spectar are now playable. Screenshots of Venture were also shown.


More wallpapers thank to Robert Garcia Lago

If you want even more awesome wallpapers for your MiSTer, Robert Garcia Lago has a collection you can have automatically downloaded to your MiSTer. They’ve been added as a database to update all so just enable them to download them the next time you update.


Nintendo 64

Robert Peip released an overclocked version of the N64 core. This version can give you smoother frame rates in games but it’s possible that the overclocking can cause issues with some games.

Robert also posted a Patreon article that goes over the future of the core.


Neo Geo Pocket

The Neo Geo Pocket core has been released in beta form to the MiSTer FPGA and the Analogue pocket. As with all of Jotego’s cores, they are first released in beta to Patreon subscribers, then when it’s stable enough it’s released for free to the public.



Jimmy Stones has ressurected the Sega/Gremlin core after taking a break. At the moment he’s been able to get Carnival running with music, but the sound effects are still off.

Jaleco Mega System 1

The Coinop Collection team has released several arcade games for MiSTer. Games include:

EDF (Prototype)
In Your Face (Prototype)
Plus Alpha
Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu


Midway Z & Y Core

The CoinOp Collection team has also released a core for Midway hardware. The only games that are playable are Smash TV and Total Carnage. Other games can boot but they are in an unplayable state. It’s possible that Trog and Striker Force might be playable in the future but other games are unlikely for MiSTer and work on them will continue on the MARSFPGA. Those games include Mortal Kombat and NARC and others.



I previously spoke about a project that uses a $20 FPGA to implement an Nintendo Entertainment System. Now there is a project that uses the same FPGA to implement the Super Nintendo.

Called the SNESTang, it is currently in early development so compatibility isn’t very high. You can check out the GitHub to follow the project.


Update All Version 2.1

Update All is now at version 2.1. This new version features

A streamlined menu.
Analogue Pocket support: You can update the firmware and backup your saves and settings to the MiSTer FPGA.
New databases for boot roms, wallpapers and RetroSpy.
And other maintenance updates.