Why SCART Was So Awesome

The YouTube channel Little Car recently posted a video about the history of SCART, as well as why it works the way it does.  If you’ve ever asked the questions:  “How come there’s RGB in’s and out’s in one cable?”, “Why is there voltage?”  “Why does SCART sound like shart?”, this video is a must watch.  Plus…you know…there’s a ton of other interesting info in there as well!

While SCART has often been a source of frustration in the retro gaming world, it’s important to remember that the versatility of the standard is what allowed so many options in the first place.  Sure, composite or even component video is easier, but when you think of five cables vs just one, the “bulkiness” of the SCART connector seems like less of an issue.  Especially considering you can send RGB, composite video and audio down the same cable at the same time.

I ranted about SCART a few years ago, if you’d like more info from a gamer’s perspective, but the above video really is great:

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