Weekly Roundup #176

UPDATE:  Marseille has responded and confirmed that pre-6th generation consoles through the OSSC aren’t supported through the mClassic, as they’ll output non-standard timings. Consoles like the GameCube, Wii, Xbox and PS2 (and newer) should be compatible though.

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Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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00:27  OSSC OSD Firmware Released:

01:46  RGBench Oscilloscope Helper:

05:04  RAD2x + mClassic:

08:25  Lag Testing the mClassic:

11:01  Interview with Retro-Access:

12:15  3DO RGB Mod:

15:14  GDEmu Firmware Pulled:

18:37  Darksoft Neo Geo Multi Firmware:

19:42  LGR Capture CRT Footage:

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