Voyage – A Sorceress’ Vacation: Review and Livestream

St1ka has just reviewed the physical version of Voyage – A Sorceress’ Vacation:  A new game for the Sega Master System that was released last year.  The game is based off the Alex Kidd engine and seems to be a fun platformer.  Also, both the physical copy and PCB itself seems to be high quality, with hard gold connections and beveled edges!  The clear cartridge shown is a special edition, but standard editions are available to purchase below, as well as links to the livestream:

Purchase a physical copy:
Download the patch here to play the ROM for free:
St1ka‘s Interview with the developers:
ROM Carts (see both SMS and Genesis choices):

I purchased my own copy and wanted to give it a try, so I invited St1ka to join me on a livestream, as he’s familiar with the game and is an even bigger fan of the Sega Master System than I am!!!  If you’d like an opinion of the game, in real-time (or just want to hang out with St1ka and I for a bit), please consider checking it out:

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