Virtual Boy: Bound High Debug Menu

Virtual Boy developer Thunderstruck has just released an updated version of the unreleased game Bound High, that has the debug menu activated.  In order to make this happen, Thunderstruck edited the original source code to activate the options, made the menu easier to access, then complied it with a modern compiler.

Here’s the current options available, all accessible after hitting pause (start) during gameplay:

  • Right Trigger + A = Stage Selection
    The Score will display your level selection. Left D-Pad controls level selection: Up = +1; Down = -1; Left = -12; Right = +12.
    A will select the level.
  • Right Trigger + B = Sound Test
    The Score will display your song selection. Left D-Pad controls song selection: Up = +1; Down = -1; Left = -12; Right = +12. A will play a sound effect. B will play music.
  • Right Trigger + Right D-Pad Up = Auto mode
    After exiting the pause screen, the cpu will play the game for you.
  • Right Trigger + Right D-Pad Down = Difficulty change
    This allows you to change the difficulty between easy, normal and hard in-game, as opposed to just in the menu. You have to die to see the change.
  • Right Trigger + Right D-Pad Right = Expert mode
    After activating change, once you die, the game will now say expert mode, referred to as nishume in the code.
  • Left Trigger = Slow Game Progress
    Pressing the left trigger while in the pause screen will slowly progress the game.

I captured a quick video of the sound test menu, level select and auto mode, if you’d like to see it in action:


I’m always excited when people discover new features to old games…especially on a game that’s considered one of the best in a console’s library.  Also, songs 16 and 19 from the sound test menu aren’t referenced in the code, so Thunderstruck’s findings could have also uncovered unreleased songs!

This was just released, so the ROM might still be buggy in some parts, but this is definitely the version I’ll be using!  For more information and a link to download, check out the main post:

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