Use Genesis A/V Cables on a Jaguar

Humble Bazooka has just released an adapter that converts the output of an Atari Jaguar to a Genesis 2-syle MiniDIN.  That means ALL Genesis 2 cables should work with the Jaguar – Everything from composite, to RGB SCART, to HD Retrovision.  The price is $35 plus shipping, however if you’d like a fully-featured version, with multiple outputs and a JagNet adapter, check out the other options from HB in the main Jaguar page linked below:

More Jaguar Output Options:

I’m really glad there’s now so many choices for the Jaguar!  It’s my personal opinion that spending a bit more and getting every analog output might be the best option for most people, but that’s 100% up to you!  What if you have a nice scaler like the RetroTINK 5x and an all-RGB setup through a switch?  Then those extra outputs would be totally useless to you.  And what if you have a setup like that, but also have an extra Genesis 2 RGB cable lying around?  Than this adapter is perfect.

Really, just step back, think about your setup for a moment and choose the best option for you.  There’s honestly no “wrong” answer, just whichever might be better for you.

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