UltraHDMI Reset Bug Fixed

Marshall just released a new firmware for the UltraHDMI, that fixes a bug introduced in the previous 1.09 firmware update that causes many games to get stuck in reset when using the IGR option.  If you use IGR – or if you never updated to 1.09 – you should upgrade right away:  Simply drop the update file on a ROM cart and launch it as if it was a standard N64 game.

Download the new firmware here:
A full changelog history can be found here:
ROM Carts / Everdrive 64 x5:  /
More info on the UltraHDMI:

I recently released a video, that gives a full overview of what’s needed to get started using your N64 on modern TV’s.  You might want to check that out, which includes some context on the UltraHDMI, how it holds up in 2021 and if it’s the right mod for you:

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