The Making Of Super Mario Kart

Yahel from Wresting With Gaming has just posted a new documentary, this time about one of the most iconic games of the 16-bit era:  Super Mario Kart.  The video goes into detail about how a game that was originally intended as F-Zero 2 (2-player), evolved into a franchise that’s still a major part of Nintendo’s 1st party lineup.

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While I never like to post “spoilers” for these video, here’s two non-spoiler-y thoughts:  While Yahel’s videos are often focused towards retro-gamers, I think anyone who’s ever enjoyed any version of Mario Kart will enjoy this “origin story”.  Also, Ian talking about the Kart as if it were an 80’s luxury car was amazing.  That should be released separately at some point, on social media and as a YouTube short 🙂

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