The Dell P1130 Trinitron – A High Performance PC CRT


The Dell P1130 is a 4:3 bland Dell PC monitor from the early 2000s.  So, why is it significant now?  To put it simply, this particular CRT monitor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Under that ugly shell, there is a powerful Sony FD Trinitron monitor waiting to take your breath away.  The Cathode Ray Tube used for this monitor is a 21″ Flat Display Trinitron with a special “B Coating” for PC monitors.  The Dot Pitch on the tube is 0.24 mm.  This is the same as the Sony GDM C520K, which is one the most desirable 4:3 PC CRTs.  The Monitor supports resolutions from 640 x 480 (480P) up to 2048 x 1536!  This monitor supports a horizontal scan range between 30 to 130kHz and a vertical scan range between 48 to 170Hz.  Since it is a CRT, you get the additional benefits of no input latency and superb color depth.

The monitor has picture adjustment controls on the front.  These are easy to navigate and adjust to improve picture quality.  There are two VGA inputs on the back of this CRT.  It pairs perfectly with a Mister or game console like the Sega Dreamcast.  A PC with VGA support will also work nicely.  You can use adapters and scalers with this monitor.  The GBS-C is a cheap and effect solution to use with this PC Monitor to get retro consoles working on the CRT.  To see more on this amazing CRT, check out the video.

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