Innsmouth Mansion: Virtual Boy English Translation Released

Thunderstruck has released an English translation of Innsmouth Mansion [インスマウスの館] for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. VB hacks/homebrew/translations/protos, and new releases are rare, and any new English game significantly expands the consoles small library. Pre-patched ROM and screenshots are available at

Virtual Boy Game Display Stands

I recently picked up a Virtual Boy and couldn’t resist the urge to make a display for the only game I currently have Virtual Boy Wario Land It is a super simple design that prints fairly quickly!  Files are available in the (still in progress) 3D print section of the website here:  


World’s First Virtual Boy Dual Arcade Stick

Jeremy Parish declared 2019 The Year of Virtual Boy, and to kick it off Benj Edwards of revealed the Virtual Boy dual arcade stick that he will be selling, the BX250. The dual stick is designed with buttons in several arrangements suitable to all VB games including the rare Street Fighter Homebrew. Benj currently […]


New Dump of Virtual Boy’s Bound High Released

Members of the Planet Virtual Boy forums have just released a newly-dumped version of the unreleased game Bound High: The game itself is almost identical to the version previously dumped, however this version seems to have been complied in a different way.  So far, testing shows almost no difference, but there’s the possibility that certain […]


Furrtek Releases VirtualTap Schematics

As previously promised, Furrtek has released the schematics for his Virtual Boy TV-Out project called the Virtual Tap.  He’s still taking orders for the current batch he’s making, but only until the end of December:   Code, schematics and layout, as promised 🙂'll be taking orders for kits until the end of December, […]