Swiss Updated to r646

The Gamecube homebrew software Swiss has had another long list of updates!  Any Swiss user booting from SD should definitely upgrade, but any DVDr user should check the update list below and see if the changes effect them.

To be honest, I always just upgrade – There’s always so many amazing improvements, I don’t even question the changes, I just skim the update list for specific features I might want to test out, then update my SD card.  Also, if you’re running DVDr’s, you might consider an Action Replay and SD reader, as they’re a really efficent and mod-free way to boot Swiss, GBi and other software.

Latest Swiss version (as of this post):

Previous version (for release notes):

Changes since last post on this site:


  • Add L/R trigger + L/R D-Pad page skipping support into the file browser
  • Fix unknown drive variant crash
  • Tidy up info pages 1 & 2
  • Changes to AudioStreaming detection
  • Fix UI issues, code tidy up
  • Add file copy progress info


  • Separate out workarounds for GCVideo.
  • Round screen position for GCVideo.
  • Add AVE compatibility setting.
  • Hide incompatible video modes.
  • Reintroduce 960/1152i, now functional.
  • Add 540p forcing.
  • Minimize stack usage.
  • Fix free space calculation.
  • Optimize memcpy for bulk uncached-to-unaligned cached.
  • Implement partial read buffer for IDE-EXI.
  • Fix Spider-Man 2 and DSI crash dumps.
  • Find stateBusy.
  • Add game-specific patch for F-Zero GX.
  • Place breakpoint on command block state as a loading hint.
  • Improve 480/576sf compatibility
  • Add alternative read method for SDGecko, IDE-EXI
  • Add File Service Protocol Device (and improve BBA speed/stability overall)


  • Code refactoring
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