Sony Playstation 1 Replacement PSU

Will’s Console Mods is now selling the latest version of their internal PSU replacement kit for all non-slim models of the PS1.  While I always prefer to use original PSU’s, if yours completely died, or if you’d like a PSU compatible with all power signals around the world, these replacements are a great choice.  I strongly recommend getting a DC barrel jack version, or if heat is a concern for you, get the Noctua 40mm or 30mm Fan versions, which also utilize the barrel jack.  My usual power warnings and more info below the links:

Purchase Here:
Recommended International PSU = Triad WSU120-3000-13

There’s a few things to note with these kits and the first is something I always say when discussing power:  Be careful.  Improperly built power supplies can kill your console…or even burn your house down.  That said, Will’s been putting a lot of effort into these kits for years and they seem like a safe bet – Just make sure to get a high quality external brick, with all the proper ratings and certifications.  Even though it’s more expensive than the PSU on Will’s page, I recommend the one linked above, as we’ve been testing Triad PSU’s for a long time and they’re consistent.  And as always, I recommend staying away from USB-PD;  Even if Will’s design is perfect, it’s too easy for something else to go wrong in the future.  Do what you’d like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Next, this PSU is version 11.  There will soon be a v12, but the only difference is an extra fan header.  Unless you specifically want to run to fans simultaneously (you probably don’t), then there’s no need to wait.

If you’d like a long, deep-dive into the dangers of power supplies (and why it’s important to support people like Will and not cheap clone companies), check out the livestream podcast I recently did – It’s available as a video below, or just search your favorite podcast app for “RetroRGB Power”:

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