Sonic Superstars Review

John Linneman recently posted a full review and tech analysis of every version of Sonic Superstars – The latest 2D Sonic game from Sega.  The review was top-tier as usual, however John pointed out something really interesting about the audio:  Some tracks felt “unfinished”, or more “Sonic 4-like”.  The examples he played really stood out and made me want to get the PC version…both for the ability to swap music tracks and for 120fps support.  I strongly recommend checking this one out for yourselves to see what I mean!

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While I was hoping to get the Switch version, the music and 120Hz support are a dealbreaker for me.  I don’t normally game on my PC (my PC is a “tool”, my consoles / MiSTer are recreation), I think I’ll make an exception this time – I have a decent 4K120 PC monitor and great speakers, so why not take advantage of it?  Besides, I always wondered what a 120Hz Sonic game would feel like…


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