Rany Battikh

SNK NeoGeo mini Christmas limited edition

Yep, time for another classic/mini system new announcement. SNK recently revealed the “Christmas” edition of their not-so-well received fairly new NeoGeo mini system/miniature arcade machine.

The color scheme on the tiny cabinet this time around has been changed to red and gold; same goes to its accompanying controller that supposedly remains microswitch-less (why SNK, why?!).

The “Christmas” mini will include 48 built-in games (8 more games than the standard edition) and only be limited to 15 000 units. This seems to be a Japan exclusive for the moment as no “international” version has been announced.

Pre-order went live on the 19th of November so it most probably will be sold out by the time you’ll be reading this.

SNK’s tweet about the “Christmas” limited edition NeoGeo mini: https://twitter.com/SNKPofficial_jp/status/1063349873397792769