OSSC Pro Replacement Case

Video Game Perfection is now selling a replacement, injection-molded case for the OSSC Pro.  This is for people who damaged theirs, or for people who didn’t like the initial run of white cases and wanted it in black.  The price is about $15 plus shipping and they – as well as the OSSC Pro – are in-stock now:

More OSSC Info:

My personal opinion on this, is if I’d gotten one of the original white cases, I’d think of it as a “limited founders edition”…or something like that.  Now, of course, if every other component in your setup is black, it might be nicer to get the newer case and I’m sure at least a few of you will.  It would be nice if early adopters got a discount though, but at $15, at least it won’t break the bank.

Also, if you’d like to see the OSSC Pro in action, I did a livestream with the creator on launch day:

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