SNES Multi-Out Breakout Box

Electron Shepherd has just started selling a “breakout box” for Super Nintendo and Super Famicom consoles, called the NMB (Nintendo Multi-out Breakout).  This version supplies Composite Video, S-Video and RCA audio, as well as a standard SNES multi-out.  All outputs are safe to use simultaneously and this version should be compatible with NTSC and PAL consoles.  The adapter fits every single SNES/SFC, including the Mini/Jr via supplied rubber bumpers.  Overall, I strongly recommend this for anyone who wants to utilize multiple signals from their SNES.  Purchase here with lots more info below the link:

Purchase Here:

First and most importantly, the cvbs & Y/C lines in this box are buffered through an active circuit, which means it’s 100% safe to use any SNES multi-out cable at the same time as the broken out connectors.  Basically, you can use a (sync on anything) RGB or Component video cable…or even a SNES composite or S-Video cable through the multi-out at the same time as the connectors on the device itself.  I’ve personally tested this on an oscilloscope and confirmed it’s 100% safe.

Also, it fits very nicely in all versions of the console – The adapter fits into both the SFC and SNES, with the built-in feet providing strain relief so there’s no excess pressure on the console’s multi-out port (click all pictures for a full-sized view):

Rubber “bumpers” are supplied with the kit, that also allow a flush-fit when used with the SNES Mini / SJC Jr.  They simply pop into the plastic feet in the enclosure and are sized to fit perfectly.

There is a bit of shifting from the right to left on all consoles, however that shouldn’t affect performance or safety at all – I believe they’re within the tolerances and shouldn’t wear the multi-out port any more or less than original cables:

This should also work on N64’s, however you’ll still need to RGB mod it for that functionality.  Some PAL users might need to perform an S-Video mod as well, depending on the motherboard revision.  Techincally, GameCube’s should work as well, however the strain relief won’t match up – Unless you build your own support, it could damage the GC’s Multi-Out.  The GC is less important anyway, as using a Carby is a better idea in most setups.

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