SCART Test Board

Video Game Perfection has just listed a few of fidde’s SCART test boards for sale:

This is an interesting device, designed for a few pretty niche-but-useful oscilloscope testing scenario’s.  First any hardware developer who’s testing a device that outputs SCART could use this to easily probe signals live and in real time.  You’d of course need to make sure the output cable you’re using (as well as this board) isn’t affecting the signal, but that should be fairly easy to test in an existing setup.  This would also be a help for people who’s scope’s only have one or two inputs:  Just use one probe to test any signal on the board.

I do see another scenario this board might be helpful:  Testing supergun’s at live events!  If you used a SCART dongle (or two) that broke out audio and RGBs, you could add 75Ohm termination on the ends and safely test a supergun without actually plugging it into a monitor.

While a full test setup like this might seem like overkill to some, it’s my personal opinion that I’d never want to plug an unknown supergun into any of my equipment before confirming it’s safe.  I’ve just seen too many devices get destroyed as a result.

Anyway, definitely a niche, but interesting product.

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