SCART Switch Shootout

Here’s a review of a few SCART switches with some interesting features.  I also wanted to show exactly how I performed these tests, so as new switches are released, anyone with similar equipment can confidently test their own.

Here’s links to everything:

Bumper Case:
Otaku Switch:
Taxon tools:
HD Retrovision RCA Cables:
SCART Coupler:  More info coming soon!

I also included the recordings I took of the Castlevania opening.  They were all recorded using a Genesis 3 with the Sega Triple Bypass installed, connected via a shielded SCART cable.  The audio was captured through the 3.5mm output of the OSSC into a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD’s rear bypass inputs;  A device that’s been MDFourier verified (however the OSSC’s 3.5mm is not verified).  Direct from the console/switch to the Behringer might have been a “cleaner” test, however this is a fair representation of what you’d hear on your TV.  Also, this zip file was set to “store”, with no compression applied:


Also, here’s an AMAZING follow-up video from the legendary Phonedork, discussing using YPbPr and RGsB on the original gscartsw:

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