RetroTINK Remote Mount (4K & 5x Premium)

Greg from LaserBear is now selling a remote clip for RetroTINK 4K or RT5x Premium remote.  The price is about $8 plus shipping and there’s options to include 3M mounting tape, or zipties.  This might be the perfect solution for people who prefer a “home” for their remotes.  Check out the links for more info:

Purchase Mount:
RetroTINK Scalers & Remote:

While stuff like this – or even the wall mount and fan kit – might seem trivial to some people, I’m so happy Greg takes the time to make them.  Sure, some people might think “meh, I just leave my remotes in a drawer”, I’d be willing to bet more than a handful of people reading this will think “holy crap, that’s the perfect solution for my remote!

So if you’re planning on getting a RetroTINK 4K, or bought a Premium remote for the RT5x, consider this as an option!  And if you’d like more info about the RetroTINK 4K, please check out the launch video:

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