MiSTer FPGA News – Quartet, MiSTex, Groovy MiSTer, N64 & More


Jimmy Stones is working on the Atari Jet Fighter core again. It’s playable but there is still work to be done for sound.



Hans Baier started porting MiSTer cores to MiSTex. Some of the cores ported are:

Sega System 1: Wonder Boy, Choplifter, etc
Bomb Jack
Burget Time



The SNESTang is getting a menu system rewrite for versino 0.3 and a RISCV softcore was added to handle menu and I/O. This softcore also opens the door to other features like save states, cheats, button remapping, resolution settings and more.


Games Database

PigSaint, who worked on updating the arcade names file for MiSTer, now has a new project. This project consists of a game database that seeks to unify all the relevant information about each title in one place. You can read up more on the project and see what’s currently been implemented on a free public patreon post.


Game of the Month

The MiSTer FPGA Discord Game of the Month is Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis, which is available on DOS, Amiga and Mac. The game of the month differs from the Discord game challenge in that the Game of the Month discusses the game instead of players competing in it.


Nintendo 64

The latest Nintendo 64 updates include:

YUV Textures support: Affect Ogre Battle 64
Fixed flame rendering in Paper Mario 64
And other rendering bug fixes (Tonic Trouble)


Fujitsu FM-7

Pierco has working video output for the Fujitse FM-7 core and is moving on to the keyboard interface. A dump of the MCU is not available so he has to develop a whole keyboard matrix.



Anton Gale has gotten music working for the arcade game Venture, but the game still hangs because of an incomplete RIOT chip implementation.


Jotego Updates

Jotego fixed an issue with the MCU that now helped get Body Slam and Quartet working for the System 16 core.

Parodius Da! is now booting and Jotego believes he can have the core fully implemented in one to two weeks.