Cyberblock Metal Orange EX/Chip Chan Kick Soundtrack Pre-Order

Very Ok Vinyl has launched pre-order for Cyberblock Metal Orange EX soundtrack composed by Yoshio Furukawa, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, and Chip-Chan Kick composed by JKL Furukawa from X68000 and PC-FX respectively on a vinyl record and compilation CD featuring new artwork from Brandon Frasier aka tedbob84, and Otacat respectively. It’s priced at $40.00 CAD each. Scheduled release is July 2024.

(CA) Very Ok Vinyl Cyberblock Metal Orange EX:
(CA) Very Ok Vinyl Chip-Chan Kick:
(CA) Very Ok Vinyl Cyberblock Metal Orange EX and Chip Chan Kick CD:
(EU) Black Screen Records Cyberblock Metal Orange EX:
(EU) Black Screen Records Chip-Chan Kick:

Both of the releases come as a single LP on translucent vinyl with splatter. Jordan McCormack worked on layout and labels, and audio editing was done by Jeff Roberts on these releases. Cyberblock Metal Orange EX was sourced from a SHARP X68000 by Steve “ap0c” Lakawicz, while Chip-Chan Kick was ripped from original CD.

You can get these records individually or in a bundle for $70.00 CAD together or with both vinyl records and compilation CD for $100.00 CAD. The CD is also available standalone for $35.00 CAD, containing both soundtracks in full. CD features a new artwork from j_raido.