RetroRGB Panel at Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT

I’ll be presenting at the Retro World Expo on both Saturday September 28th and Sunday September 29th in Hartford, CT!:

Saturday at 1PM in Panel Room A – I’ll be assisting Lon from on a panel titled “Is FPGA The Future Of Retro Gaming”?

Sunday at 4PM in Panel Room A – This will be my final “performance” of “Getting The Best Out Of Your Classic Consoles At Any Price Point”; A presentation that I feel is a good help for people of all technical abilities who want to understand more about how classic consoles work and how to get an excellent experience in any setup.

Retro World is one of my favorite expo’s and this year is promising to be another great one!  Friends and talented YouTubers My Life In Gaming, as well as Classic Gaming Quarterly will be doing panels as well and I’ll be attending both!  Retro World is also special to me, as it’s the origin story of TRRT; More on that at live in person during my panel!

So, grab your t-shirts and I’ll see you there!

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