Retro Game Restore Smoke NES Shells

Retro Game Restore has just opened pre-orders on a Smoke Clear NES shell.  The price is $120 plus shipping and they’ll ship this fall.  If you’d prefer one of the clear (non-smoke) shells, you can pre-order via the exact same link and those will ship this month – Just make sure to choose the color right above the price on the page:

Pre-Order Here:

The previous NES are absolutely beautiful and look very similar to the SNES & Genesis clear shells.  I’d expect the smoke versions to be similar to those as well.  If you’d like an idea of what to expect, maybe skim the livestreams below?  Also, here’s all the other amazing shells they’re offering:

Genesis / Mega Drive Shells:
Pre-Order Genesis 2 Shell:
SNES Transparent Shells:
Super Famicom w/ SNES cartridge option:
Famicom Clear Top:
PC Engine Clear / Smoke:
PC Engine Controller Clear / Smoke:
Main Site:

Also, this is a “you get what you pay for” scenario:  The shells are very high quality, which are not cheap to manufacture.  It’s totally find if you don’t like them or don’t want to spend the money, but these are not “overpriced”;  They’re expensive, but priced exactly as they should be.

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