PS1Digital Firmware Release v1.3.0

A new firmware was just released for the PS1Digital that includes some video timing fixes, as well as an updated “forced” mode for switching between resolutions, when your console is set to 960p/1080p!

There are now a total of four “forced” modes;  The two original “force 240p” and “force 480i modes that I demo’d in the overview video that work really well.  The only downside of these modes is some artifacts on the screen during resolution change, as well as the potential of adding anywhere from zero to one frame of lag, depending on when the change takes place.  In most cases, this wouldn’t be an issue, however the two new modes offer zero-lag, zero-delay switching.

The first of the new modes, “vfr-hdmi”, adjusts the HDMI clock on the fly to match the input framerate.  Some TVs and capture cards might not react well to this and will re-sync like when forced mode is off.  Definitely try this mode first and see what happens, as if your devices are compatible it’s pretty much the perfect solution.

The next mode overclocks the GPU to a 59.94Hz(NTSC)/50Hz(PAL) framerate in all modes.  This will make 240p games run 0.19% faster in NTSC and 0.48% faster in PAL mode.  This should be compatible with all displays, however speedrunning purists might argue that even a less than 1% change in speed might affect runs.  I might argue that only the top speedrunners of games that switch resolutions would ever even consider this as an issue and even then it might not affect their times.  I’ll leave that up to the speedrunning community of course, as I’m just speculating.

More info:–130–clock-adjust-firmware–130

As always, updating the firmware is as easy as connecting your PS1d to wifi and running the script right through the interface!  More details are in the video review below and the official list of changes since the last update are here:

  • Automatic vertical alignment correction
  • Fully standard compliant 1080p and 960p timings
  • New clock adjust modes for seamless 240p/480i, 480i/240p switching without tearing
    • vfr-hdmi adjusts hdmi clock
    • overclock overclocks PS1 GPU clock

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