PlayStation 1 Internal BlueRetro Kit

Will’s Console Mods is now selling an internal bluetooth kit for the original PlayStation console.  It’s running Darthcloud’s BlueRetro software and is a #nocutmod for all original revisions, except the SCPH-100x; Those require cutting one standoff.  The price is £40.00 plus shipping and they’re in-stock now:

Purchase Here:

A few other things to note about this mod.  First, it fully retains the functionality of the original controller ports – So, features are only added, not taken away.

Next, since this is using Blue Retro, you can use a PS5 controller to get less than half a frame of latency.  It’s my opinion that the tradeoff of a new, comfortable, wireless controller is absolutely worth the tiny amount of lag added…at least in most scenarios.

Please check out the sale page for installation instructions, as well as more info about the mod.

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