PCE CD Support Added to MiSTer

Sorg has just added support for PC Engine / Turbo Grafx-16 CD to the MiSTer project!  More information is available on the GitHub page and changes are below:

  • CD-ROM support, fully rewritten CPU and VDC modules for cycle accuracy by srg320!
  • Arcade Card module. Some games require it to be enabled. Some other games have different behavior with arcade card.
  • Preliminary SNAC support (Kitrinx, dshadoff).
  • Mouse support.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.

Installation is very simple:

  • Update MiSTer using the main update script
  • Create a folder under “Games” called “TGFX16-CD “
  • Put a BIOS file in the root of the folder you just created and name it “cd_bios.rom”.  It’s recommended that you use the Super CD-ROM System v3.0 BIOS.
  • Create a subfolder for each game.
  • Copy CD-ROM images in BIN/CUE format each to their own folder.
  • Restart
  • Boot the same TurboGrafx16 core that you’d normally boot HUCards from.
  • Open the menu and hit “Insert CD *.CUE”

Also, one other cool bonus I noticed is the ability to toggle the arcade card, as well as enable a “fast” CD seek mode; I recommend leaving this on to decrease loading times and only turn it off if you have issues.

This is a pretty incredible addition to the MiSTer project!  As always, if you enjoy these additions and have the ability to support, please consider signing up for Sorg’s Patreon account, as well as anyone else on the MiSTer team who has one:

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