OSSC v1.7 Released

Video Game Perfection is now selling the latest version of the Open Source Scan Converter, v1.7.  The price is the same as the previous versions, with options for PSU, remote and overlays.  The biggest change to this version is the new injection-molded case, however VGP is also selling the case separately, so you can upgrade your previous OSSC to look just like this one.  More info below the links:

Check the drop-down menu for options:
OSSC Info and Tips:

The OSSC was an absolute game-changer in the retro gaming world and even with next generation of scalers like the RetroTINK 5x and upcoming OSSC Pro, it’s still 100% relevant for a few reasons.  First, just because new scalers are released, that doesn’t make this OSSC any less awesome;  It’s still a zero-lag line multiplier that’s more than good enough for many people’s setups.  Next, it’s compatible with a ton of consoles and retro-computers…and I believe it’s still the go-to scaler for retro PC’s that output odd resolutions.  Lastly – and maybe most importantly to some people – Price.  I don’t think any scaler with as many features as the OSSC will even come close to the sub-$150 price point and if you’re using RGB SCART, Component Video or VGA signals, the original OSSC might be both cost-effective and a perfect solution.

Here’s the full list of changes from v1.6 and for all the info you’ll need on the original OSSC, please check out the video below and corresponding page (linked above).

  • Injection moulded case designed by Retro Frog with revisions and improvements suggested by Marqs.
  • Over voltage protection (but please don’t plug in the wrong PSU anyway ;p).
  • Improved audio switch that makes it easier to access.
  • Tweaks to the base design allowed for reduced power consumption and heat.

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