OSSC Pro Batch #2

A second batch of OSSC Pro scalers has just been listed for sale.  The cases for this run of production are injection molded black plastic, as opposed to the white prints from last time, but there are no other changes.  The price should be about the same as last time, which was $360  for me including shipping (to the NYC area), as well as the remote & international PSU.

Purchase Here:
Original OSSC:

While the OSSC I tested ran at a reasonable temperature, Markus added a fan header directly to the board and the case had the fan mount integrated into it.  If you know your OSSC Pro will be in a poorly-ventilated space…or if you’d just like the peace of mind of having a fan, here’s links and some basic instructions:

Also, if you’d like to see the OSSC Pro in action, I did a livestream with the creator on launch day:

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