OSSC Classic & Pro Firmware Updates

Markus has just released new firmware updates for both the original OSSC, as well as the Pro.  As with all original OSSC firmware updates going forward, you’ll either need hardware revision 1.8, or you’d need to perform a mod for it to work.  OSSC Pro firmware updates are very easy though – I showed it at about the two-minute mark in the OSSC Pro livestream I did below.

OSSC Classic Firmware:
OSSC Pro Firmware:
Purchase OSSC:
Purchase OSSC Pro:

I want to make sure I’m completely clear about my stance on the mod required for the original OSSC to continue getting firmware updates:  I think it’s amazing Markus is still supporting this product all these years later!  He could have chosen to just stop making firmware updates, but instead, he realized he could unlock some more potential with an updated board revision and a mod to the originals.  There’s always someone who’ll get annoyed with free things, but anyone with common sense will love that Markus did this for us.  Also, respectfully, you probably won’t need to update past the v0.x firmware anyway – The original OSSC is already a mature product that works GREAT.  So just check out the new features and decide if they might apply to your setup.  And if not, just keep using the already-awesome OSSC 🙂

Here’s the change list, plus an OSSC Pro livestream below that if you’re interested:

OSSC Pro v0.72

  • fix GBI presets
  • store size/position adjustments for HDMI inputs as well
  • add 2880x2160_60 preset option
  • enable 2880×2160 mode for 240p/288p A-LM
  • support direct video “DV1” mode from Mister and PixelFX products
  • sync processing fixes for Taito F3 etc.

OSSC Classic v1.09

  • Sync processing and preset improvements

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