Noobow for Game Boy, One of the ‘Sweetest’ Games Ever Made

Jimmy Hapa just posted a video about the history and gameplay of Noobow; A mascot from a Japanese chocolate company that end up with its own Game Boy game.  An English translation of the game is also available:

WARNING:  This video will make you hungry.  If you like snacks, take caution before watching the beginning of this video.  Especially if you don’t live in Japan and can’t get any.  You’ll see what I mean…

The game itself was a pretty interesting concept, as it’s a side-scrolling puzzle/adventure game…with no violence.  That’s right, no weapons, no enemies, just a happy, fluffy piece of chocolate figuring out how to get from place to place.  And it somehow works.

While the game is a side-scroller, each screen presents a unique challenge to allow Noobow to progress.  It may be something obvious like stacking things to climb obstacles, but other times it takes a bit of thought…and the knowledge that pretty much everything you see in the game is there for a reason.

I don’t want to spoil any more of it for you, so please watch the video.  It’s both an interesting game that I enjoyed learning about and a positive vibe is a time where some people could probably use a bit of that.

…just don’t say I didn’t warn you about the snacks!

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