NeoVGA Now Open Source

Mike Moffit has just open-sourced his “NeoVGA” project:

Mike originally wrote this project when he was a student learning VHDL for a class.  The project targeted an Altera Cyclone II EP2CT144C6N FPGA, but should work on anything with enough block RAM.  While Mike says there’s room for improvement, the current features are as follows:

  • Selectable 240p or 480p output resolution
  • Selectable RGB or YUV colorspace output
  • Optional scanline overlay for odd lines when in 480p
  • Latency of ~70us, one scanline, which is ~3% of a frame
  • Optional sync-on-green output

Here’s his original posts on it:  /

Between this and the open source Neo Geo HDMI mod, hopefully we’ll see some new kits available for purchase!

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