N64 to Nuon Controller Adapter

Songbird Productions have just opened limited (125 units) pre-orders on an adapter that lets you use N64 controllers on a Nuon.  The ‘Aries64’ is $50 and is due to ship in mid-March.  If you prefer a USB controller, a different adapter is also available, however this is $10 cheaper and is the best choice for people who prefer the N64 controller.

Pre-Order Here:

According to the main page, the Aries64 team tested the adapter on the Samsung N501 and Toshiba SD2300, however compatibility with all Nuon players is expected.  The cable is about seven feet long, includes N64 analog stick support and has the Nuon button mapped to the Z trigger.

All N64 controllers should work, however there’s no word if it’s also compatible with Blue Retro adapters.  I guess we’ll find out when they start arriving to Nuon owners!

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