MiSTer FPGA News – Splatterhouse, Pac-Land, N64 & More


The MARSFPGA will soon be shown off in action to the public. If you happen to be in Tampa Bay, FL on Nov 17-19th, you will want to check out the coinop collection booth at Free Play Florida.

There also seems like there will be the possibility of a stream for those who will not be able to attend.


Nintendo 64

The latest updates to the Nintendo 64 core include:

– colors and fog in Beetle Adventure Racing fixed
– texture issues in Top Gear Rally and some Wrestling games resolved
– The #MiSTerFPGA N64 core now uses the correct video and audio frequency for both PAL and NTSC.


A beta for the Splatterhouse core is now available to Jotego’s Patreon subscribers. If you’re a subscriber, then you will need to download a new key file in order to use the core. As with all of Jotego’s cores, they are first released in private beta. Then when the core is stable enough it is released to the public. All cores are also open source.


Gameboy Advance & PSX Boot ROMs

Uberyoji released a boot ROM for the Gameboy Advance core. If you want the core to boot into something interesting, then head over to Uberyoji’s GitHub to obtain the boot ROM. There are also boot roms for other cores available. A Playstation boot disc is also in development.


MiSTer FPGA Updater

theypsilon has a really informative public Patreon post about the contributions they’ve made to the MiSTerFPGA project. Without the work that theypsilon has done, it would be a lot more difficult to set up and maintain our MiSTerFPGA’s, so please consider supporting theypsilon through Patreon.


Pac-Land & Dragon Buster

Attract 17 posted that, thanks to Mr. X sharing some source code, games based on the Pac Land and Dragon Buster hardware will be coming to FPGA platforms including the MiSTer FPGA.