MiSTer FPGA News – Saturn, Neo Geo CD, Nintendo 64, Crime Fighters & More

Lemmings Arcade

RMC The cave posted an image of an inoperable prototype pcb for arcade Lemmings.
atrac17 recognized some of the custom chips and believes this game could be a candidate for the upcoming Robocop 2 core.
Its looks like they will be in contact to help resolve this.


Game & Watch And Tiger Electronics

Adam Gastineau’s new Game and Watch core has now been released. It even supports Tiger Electronics Handhelds. In this release, there are a total of 89 supported titles.


Zelda 1 NES to SNES Port

Infidelity was still trying to nail down issues on the MiSTer FPGA with the NES to Super NES port of Zelda, but thanks to ikari_01 for altering the MS-1 engine code , those issues seemed to have been resolved.


N64 FPU Updates

Robert Peip updated the progress of the N64 FPU and let us know that 83% of the 2,418 FPU tests are now passing. There only 3 instructions left to be implemented.


Williams Y-Unit & Z-Unit

Pramod showed some more progress for the NARC core. On twitter, he posted a video showing the core going past the self test, booting the game, and showing the high score screen. Eventually the screen starts glitching.


Sega Saturn Updates

srg320 posted the latest updates to the Sega Saturn core. This core is under heavy development and there are no official builds available, however there are builds that users have compiled from source.

Changes include:
-rework sprite drawing
-add support Pre-Clipping
-initial support Gouraud shading
-fix End Code
-fix FB reading while drawing
-fix PTM register
VDP2: fix byte access for CRAM
CPU: fix overflow in Division unit


Neo Geo CD

The Neo Geo CD WIP core has been updated with the below:

Latest NeoGeo unstable build:
NeoGeo CD updates
Add Unibios and CDZ support
Ask FPGA before sending sector
1-4x CD speed

Latest MiSTer unstable build:
Add NeoGeo CD support


Crime Fighters, Haunted Castle

Jotego added Crime Fighters to the JTALIENS core. Also Haunted Castle has been promoted to a public release.

There were also some maintenance fixes to Midnight Resistance, Sly Spy, Bubble Bobble and F1-Dream.