MemCard Pro 2 For the PlayStation 2 Is Amazing!

8BitMods recently released they’re latest addition to the MemCard Pro family, the MemCard Pro 2 (MCP2) for the PlayStation 2!  Building off the formula they used for the original PlayStation and the Gamecube versions, 8BitMods really knocks it out of the park, making the MCP2 a powerful accessory for PS2 fans.

On top of just being a smart, central repository for all your PS2 save data, it’s also a great companion for home brew too.  What I mean is that you are able launch Free McBoot (via a dedicated Virtual Memory Card) every time you turn on the console, and then load games that are backed up on your Hard Drive (Or MX4SIO/MC2SIO device).  But what makes this such a powerful and convenient accessory, is that once you load your game, it will use it’s internal GameID functionality to either create a new dedicated Virtual Memory Card (VMC), or load an existing one automatically!  This makes playing games on the PS2 extremely easy and switching in between games an absolute breeze!  For me this is the greatest feature of the MCP2.

Another great thing about the MCP2 is that it is compatible with the PS1 also.  At the moment, this requires you to manually change the mode from PS2 to PS1, but it’s very easy to do using the on-board buttons and beautiful OLED display.

The last big stand out feature for me is it’s compatibility with the PlayStation 3.  For those that use the PS3 as their main way of playing PS2 games, you are able to connect the MCP2 to the PS3 using its on board micro USB port.  This basically makes the MCP2 behave like the PS2 Memory Card Adaptor which was sold as an accessory for the PS3.  These adaptor have actually become quite expensive (more expensive than the MCP2) which makes the MCP2 a great value for those that enjoy playing their PS2 games on the PS3.

One thing I want to note, as there seems to be a bit of confusion, is that the MCP2 CANNOT be used as a way store and load games from.  In order to load games via Open PlayStation Loader (OPL), you still need to have your games stored on a Hard Drive or use a device like the MX4SIO.  MCP2 can be used to launch Free McBoot/OPL and store/organize all you save files.

If the MCP2 sounds at all interesting to you, you can pick it at 8BitMods website linked below:

While I just listed some of the stand out features of the MCP2, it still carries over all the other features that we have become accustomed to with all their legacy versions as well.  Here is a complete list of all feature currently available for the MCP2 as well as some planned future ones:

Current Features:

  • Larger 128×64 Monochrome OLED display that shows the loaded virtual memory card, status icons and other information
  • Supports any microSD card, from 1GB to 2TB. Each 1GB of storage provides enough space for 8192 PS1 memory cards or 128 8MB PS2 memory cards
  • WiFi connectivity and remote features through a WebUI and FTP Server
  • Cloud backups / cloud saving (multiple providers supported – details will be announced at a later date)
  • Switch active channels and navigate through the virtual memory cards with two physical buttons on the device
  • Easy wireless network setup from a wireless device’s web browser, by connecting to the MemCard PRO2’s access point.
  • Supports a special set of instructions for automatic loading, game info and remote control (GameID & GameDB via ODE for PS1 / OPL for PS2)
  • High quality manufacturing with an injection molded shell and hard gold plated PCB contacts.
  • USB flash drive support (externally powered)
  • USB host mode lets the MemCard PRO2 connect to your computer and act as an SD card reader.
  • Load and manage stored memory cards remotely through the WebUI
  • Easily access and manage the physical files on your MemCard PRO2 microSD card over an FTP client
  • Launch FMCB directly from a virtual memory card!

Planned Features:

  • SMB Client for automatic remote loading in diskless mode
  • Acts as a controller receiver for a surprise future 8BitMods product on the PS1
  • OPL Block device support

If you’re looking to set up your device to work with Free McBoot, Archades Games made a great tutorial and also made a custom VMC that makes it super simple to get setup and started.  Here’s they’re video:

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