MiSTer FPGA News – New IO Board, FM-7 Computer, TapTo & More


Aitor Gomez Garcia updated his MiSTer Main updates with TapTo integration. He added:

-The ability to have covers for game loading screens.
-A standby screen
-He also integrated support for the AO486 and PCXT cores to MGL files.


Fujitsu FM-7

Pierco posted a couple of videos of the Fujitsu FM7 core booting. When put side by side to a real FM-7 the two are running in sync.



The GBMIDI cord was updated to include the implementation of the wave and noise voice channels. This completes all the available voices of the Game Boy.


Discord Game Challenge

The next game in the MiSTer FPGA discord game challenge is Sonic CD. This challenge consists of time trials on four different stages and they’re all relatively quick. The challenge goes until March 22nd and you’ll have to submit your scores to the MiSTer FPGA discord.



Hans beer has received and updated MisTex baseboard and tested some of the features. Snack works, HDMI works, VGA works, JTAG for the raspberry pi microcontroller works, and audio works.


Nintendo 64

MiSTer Walrus posted about a recent update to the Nintendo 64 that includes a fix that helped Shiren the Wanderer 2. This fix allows for proper save support in the game and players can finally play the English fan translation. A link to the ROM patch is on the post by MiSTer Walrus.


New Official IO board

Sorg the maintainer of the MiSTer FPGA project showed off images of a new IO board. This new board can be converted to either digital or analog IO using an additional AV board. Analog video output will also be 24 bit.


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn core had fixes that help the below games:

Auto region selection was added but this requires the latest unstable MiSTer main.

Burning rangers

Groove on fight
Rayman: Anguish Lagoon
Sakura wars
J. League Jikkyou Honoo no Striker

Dark seed

SCSP Sound processor:
Virtua fighter 2
Blast Wind
Some sound level overflows were fixed

SCU coprocessor:
Pandemonium speed
B-BUS reading from the SCSP space was fixed for better accuracy.

Assault suit Leynos 2
Slayer’s Royal